Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Too Much Stuff?

My sewing room went unused a good deal of time between the Christmas holidays and now. Whenever that happens, things tend to get out of hand. Stuff gets piled up on any available surface, Other stuff doesn't get put away. It's just a big mess. You know how it goes.
With summer vacation approaching--along with a desperate need for summer clothes--it was time to start cleaning up. That's been the task of the last few days. I had everything almost all put away and my sewing table all cleared off.

Except it wasn't really cleaned up. I was just moving piles of stuff from one location to another. The situation went downhill when I needed to clear a path to the laundry room to make way for a new dryer (yay!). Going further into the rabbit hole was the notion of 'organizing' the stuff. A bookshelf removed from the basement was moved into my sewing room. That set off the problem of what to put on it and how it should all be arranged.

I'm not sure if it's possible to have too many craft or sewing supplies. I think, though, that I am getting pretty close to finding out what those limits are. It's clear I need to start drawing down the stash by restricting or abstaining from new purchases until I've used what I already have. That will the main focus for projects over the next few months, until the new school year rolls around in September. Then we'll see where we are.

Here's to a fruitful, stash-busting summer!

(But first, I gotta get that table cleared off again.)

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