Friday, March 11, 2016

Mehndi-inspired t-shirt

One of my ongoing projects is perfecting a flattering, well-fitting t-shirt pattern. It takes a few iterations and I think I’m close.

My latest iteration is a white t-shirt. I’m dressing it up with Mehndi-inspired

The doodles are drawn using a black Stained by Sharpie fabric marker with a brush tip. This marker gave me the best line quality overall. Line quality was clearest when I held the marker vertically–there was less drag against the knit fabric.

I used contact shelf paper to stabilize the fabric and keep it from stretching and moving around while doodling. I tried embroidery stabilizer first. Then I discovered the contact paper works just as well. Which is good because I had a lot of it and not much of the stabilizer. The contact paper also proved effective at preventing bleed-through by the marker. Win!

The doodling part is about done. Next up is coloring. Who needs a coloring book when you have a t-shirt?

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